Jesse Lewis

produces recordings and interactive music experiences.    he seeks to capture a life and tactility in the sound, and a presence that’s more than skin deep.    every project he does has the uniqueness of something that only happens once, and the freshness to intrigue the ear and pique the curiosity.    Jesse is a Grammy Award winning

Music Producer

and recording engineer.    his recording experience lies in acoustic music of classical chamber and solo, opera, orchestral, historically performed baroque, jazz, traditional fiddle, indie-classical, and an ever-growing list of World Music genres.

the artists who chose to work with him are the among the most adventurous and fearless in the industry – the Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma, Los Angeles Philharmonic, A Far Cry,
Brooklyn Rider, ETHEL, Roomful of Teeth, the Knights.    he aims to discover

Profoundly Tactile Sound

in every recording he produces.    he gets deep satisfaction from working with others who have a sympathetically discerning and insatiable ear.    Jesse does not tend towards complacency, nor fear of failure.    the enthusiasm and positive spirit he puts behind every project is infectious; that attitude is in the DNA of every master that leaves his studio.

Jesse is flexible in engineering style, but uncompromising in sound.    every project takes just the right shape and size.    Jesse produces projects of ever-widening scope, for our ever more connected world.    

please also visit the website for the

Immersive Music Project.